A DRAFT Excerpt From My Book – No Title Yet – Tell Me What You Think! ;)

Ada laid in a pool of her own blood.  Adrenaline is what kept her alive.  With her one good eye, she looked around the semi-dark room for an escape route.  He’ll be back, and she knew she needed to find a way out before his return. Adrenaline failed to dull the ache in her mouth, hands and feet.  She knew that what he did to her was gentle torture in comparison to what was to come.  She had to find a way out.  She spotted an exit sign towards the far end of the warehouse.  She scooted herself against the wall for leverage to push herself to her feet.  She grunted in pain as she pushed her way up the wall until she came to a crippling stand.  The first step toward her freedom was agonizing. She stifled a scream as she inched forward with the other damaged foot.  In the midst of this horrid nightmare, she couldn’t help but wonder how grotesque her hands and feet looked without nails, and brutal and disfigured her face was after he pulled two of her molars out of the right side of her mouth.

She clamped her eyes shut blotting out the horrible vision and shuffled closer to the exit sign that seemed miles away.  Sweat and blood mingled together and rolled down her chin, drenching her ripped and matted t-shirt. Her one good eye concentrated on the sign that might be freedom from this horrific nightmare and that mangled maniac. She edged forward in teeth-clenching pain.

Only a few yards more.

Her entire body throbbed in ceaseless pain. She shambled forward, only a few feet from the exit sign pointing her to the right.


She whipped around towards the sound.  “Oh God!  Oh God!” She hissed under her breath.  It was him! She turned towards the sign again and moved as fast as her tattered body would allow.


She looked up at the sign pointing her towards the door.  She stumbled in that direction.  There stood the exit door at the far end of a dark, long hallway.  The dully lit sign just above it read “EXIT” in red words.  Ada quickly calculated.  If she makes it to the door and it doesn’t open, she’s trapped.  If the door opens, she has a chance at surviving.  She knew that if she stayed, she would die there too, only a slower excruciating death.  She decided to chance it.  She floundered toward the door and slipped on her own mingled fluids.  She stumbled over something heavy and hard, and slammed to her hands and knees.


“He’s here! Oh, God please!”

The clanking sound was accompanied by something sharp and heavy being dragged on the ground.  Something painful.

Ada clawed the walls with her nail-less fingers, using all the strength she could muster to pull herself to her feet.  She wobbled to the door like a drunk zombie.  She made one last upsurge for the door like a sprinter towards the finish line.  Her body collided with the door.  To her horror, the door didn’t budge.  It held tight like it was a member of the walls around it.  She shoved with all her strength.  Nothing.

Ada screamed with a desperate shrill that would have lifted the birds from their nests and the lions from their dens. She turned her back against the door to face the hell she tried to escape and the massive thing that gets a thrill out of chopping, pulling and cutting.   She slid to the ground, that one good eye wide from fear and terror.


Closer than ever… She could smell his sour rankness well before he made it to the exit sign and down the dark hall where she sat like a beaten rag doll against the exit door.  She wanted her heart to stop. She would be more than happy to die right now.

“ADAAAAAA!!!” His fiendish, phantasmagoric voice echoed throughout the warehouse.

Ada felt her heart stop for just a moment.  Warm urine oozed from her limp body and soaked her jeans.  If only fainting was the portal to death for her.


~ * ~ * ~


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It’s my writing tool of choice.  I can’t imagine writing without it!


Should You Self-Publish Or Go Traditional

The dilemma of getting your creation out to the world can be confusing and frustrating.  You would love for a publisher to publish your masterpiece.  But, that can be a long and daunting process, IF they decide to publish your work.
On the other side of the coin, self-publishing gives you more power and flexibility.  But, are you ready to do it all… editing, designing, publishing and marketing?
If you’re not sure which publishing avenue you want to take, this flow chart may help you decide.
Happy Publishing!
Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing: Which Should You Choose?
Courtesy of: The Write Life